10 Things to Do in Nashville, TN

Nashville is one of those cities where you think you know what to expect but you get there and it's totally different. Not necessarily in a bad way though. For starters, it is way more touristy than I thought it would be. Like all those smoke filled honky-tonks where everyone goes to drink their heartbreaks... Continue Reading →


8 Tips for Traveling in Snowy Weather

Traveling is fun. Let's just admit it. The freedom of the wide open road. The new experiences in new places. The people you meet. The fancy hotels. The local cuisine. What could possible ruin the fun? Enter winter weather. The snow can put a damper on your plans but there is no need to let... Continue Reading →

Skiing in Wintergreen

Wintergreen Resort is one of Virginia's top ski resorts and for good reason. It is truly a resort for the whole family. It offers swimming, tennis, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and tubing for the athletic type, a tree house for kids (which also includes a ski lesson), a world class spa for women (although men are... Continue Reading →

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