11 Things In Your Hotel Room That Are Dirtier Than You Think

Have you ever thought about how many people have stayed in your hotel room? It's probably an enormous amount of people, right? 62% of rooms in all US hotels are occupied at any given time. That is a lot of people staying in hotels. While the cleaning staff do indeed clean the rooms, there are... Continue Reading →


How to Save Money on Hotels

Finding the right hotel can be difficult. You want one that is nice but not too expensive yet also in a good area. That combination is almost impossible. These money saving tips will help you find the perfect hotel at a reasonable price. 1. Visit During The Week I know. I know. With work and... Continue Reading →

3 Hotel Brands We Love

One of the most important parts of a good vacation is where you stay. Your accommodations can make or break the vacation. It's the difference in one of the best vacations you have ever been on and one of the worst vacations you have ever been on. There are people out there that say "I... Continue Reading →

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