Finding Your Voice in Your Darkest Hour

I have spent years of my life in and out of dark times as any human who lives their life has I am sure. The purpose of the following is to shed some light on some insights that helped me to pull myself out of the darkness and then use my inner struggles as fuel... Continue Reading →


How Does Your Mind Limit You?

How does Your Mind Limit You? The professor read the answers on the test carefully glaring at the student whom had just handed in his final exam late after the professor had kindly given him an extension. "I know my test was late professor I just could not put together the answer to the last... Continue Reading →

Inspiration of the Day

I read this quote on one of my facebook groups and it go me thinking... As we grow up in life and get older we lose that naturally curious side inside all of us where we used to do things just because we enjoyed doing them. I know that I have been guilty of expecting... Continue Reading →

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