Why Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

I get it. Staying at a bed and breakfast is probably a last resort. I mean are literally staying with people you do not know, sharing common areas, and they cook you breakfast. Weird, right?

This is how I felt about staying in a B&B my entire life. Then came 2018. The first time I stayed in a bed and breakfast was on a trip to Aiken, SC. Granted it was an old and historic house so it was a little creepy but overall, it was the most wonderful experience. It was owned by a German lady who fixed us her favorite Austrian dish for breakfast and let’s just say, breakfast has never been the same.

If you have never stayed in a B&B there are so many reasons to try one out and there is no better time than now.

First of all, you get a more personalized experience. You get to meet the owners and really get to know them. You can spark up a great conversation, learn their background, and find commonalities. They are more likely to honor your request than a hotel as they have a vested interest in your enjoyment. A large majority of them will go above and beyond for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays if you let them know ahead of time.

Second, each one has their own unique character. They are all different. The all look different, they all smell different, and they all serve different breakfasts. But what is really cool is the rooms are not cookie cutter. Each individual room in a bed and breakfast is decorated differently. Many of them in themes.

Third, you get more for your money. They offer a free home cooked breakfast, free snacks, free parking, most offer free Wi-Fi, and it is much easier to get a late check out.

Fourth, most of them are historic and have great storied behind them.

Lastly, they are often secluded and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Perfect for a romantic getaway.

As a disclaimer, be aware that B&Bs are often more expensive than most hotels.

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