Finding Your Voice in Your Darkest Hour

I have spent years of my life in and out of dark times as any human who lives their life has I am sure. The purpose of the following is to shed some light on some insights that helped me to pull myself out of the darkness and then use my inner struggles as fuel to power my new life forward. Here’s the thing …. We are all taught growing up ,whether inadvertently or purposefully, to avoid failure. In my life my father never said the words, but rather his actions would show sometimes risk does not equal reward. However that is bullshit!


Fear is crippling and scared money never made money period.

I love my father and he taught me so much but we must learn from the mistakes of others that is what a wise man or woman does. If you spend enough time with successful people in any walk of life you will find that they are successful because they found and sharpened a unique talent or skill.Then maybe even more important than finding the skill is that they pushed through their fear to share their talent with the world. The reality is most of the time if you listen as they talk these people found a way show their skill to the world within the confines of a struggle they never thought they would beat. I believe that is fate (GOD) testing us putting our greatness just on the other side of a powerful setback or fear and if you lean into that fear enough you can push forward and begin to find greatness;doors opening to success. With each new trial you face the leaning in my not get any easier but you will better understand what you have to do each time you push forward and you are more self- aware that THIS IS THE PATH TO EVERYTHING I AM SUPPOSE TO GET OUT OF LIFE.

Everyone likes examples including myself so let me lay one out that blew my mind just a few days ago. My wife and I were interviewing Walker Hayes, an upcoming country artist ,who has recently broken out with a platinum selling song “You Broke Up with Me” The song is great because people resonate with the imagery of being heart broken, but that song was actually written about a time of darkness in Walker’s Life when he lost his first record deal with Mercury and all the perks, fame, and fake friends faded fast. Walker went from being a recording artist to a songwriter working at Costco. While stocking freezers he stayed true to what he knew was his gift and continued to write just because that was his way of expression. He was down and in a dark dark place and he questioned whether he was hurting his family by chasing a dream that made no dollars at the time. Through all this Walker kept writing song after song and when he came back out on top after working his ass off he looked like a guy that came out of left field with a whole new style and a hit song. No! It was not out of thin air that he re-built a successful career but out of a sheer determination not to quit that he crafted his voice during his darkest hour. Could you imagine if he had stopped writing during that period in his life? Sure I can. I mean that would have been the sensible idea from a worldly perspective, but then this entire cluster of material that is winning him all kinds of fans would never had added value to anyone’s life because those songs that are so raw and real would have never been written.

Now his biggest song is about all the people who are coming back out of the woodwork wanting to ride on the coattails of a train that is already in motion. The comeback is real when you make the struggle your story.

I could go on and on with example after example of interviews I have done with people who have similar stories that had great triumph’s in life as well as people who live with the regret and daily pain of WHAT IF?


Ask yourself right now WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?

The truth my friends is real success is earned by people willing to take risk and it doesn’t happen in the light. Success comes when you have spent hours,hours, and hours of work grinding on your craft. In the dark when everyone else is willing to spend that same time relaxing and sleeping. You have to be willing to sacrifice and do the work that will allow you to live the life you dream. Remember no one else can see your dreams and your vision for your life. This means that if you do not obtain no one will cry with you because they will not understand.

One day you will have the external appearances of success showing in every area of your life and to all who do not know the relentless grind to master your craft they will look and think it was all luck. I say all this because it is so damn hard sometimes to lean into that one barrier that you feel like you can’t break but let me tell you ladies and gentlemen. GOD knows that it is your dark times that force you to grow and the ones that grow sow and the ones that sow reap. I only write this article because I want to see you reap. I want to see you actually live your life larger than you think is currently possible, because a strange thing happens when you stretch your existence your belief in what is actually possible will stretch with you. I believe in you! 100%

If you want to understand pushing through hardship read RELENTLESS by TIM GROVER.


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