4 Wineries to Visit in North Carolina

1. Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery


Located in the Yadkin Valley, Grassy Creek Vineyard is probably my favorite winery in NC. And it is not just for the wine. Grassy Creek, which can be found just outside of Elkin (another town you must visit), sits on a historic site known as Klondike Farm. More than just a farm, the property offers cabins that turn Grassy Creek into the perfect weekend getaway. It’s just far enough off the Road the serene atmosphere will have you relaxed in no time. One of my favorite things about Grassy Creek Vineyard and Winery is that they really embrace the farm. The winery itself is housed in an old barn. Yes, they make their wine in a barn but in the most charming way possible. And even going a step further, you can buy their wine in milk jars. How cool is that?


2. Carolina Heritage Vineyard and Winery

Carolina Heritage

Carolina Heritage, known for being completely organic, is one of the most unique and eco-friendly wineries and vineyards in the state.  Also located in the Yadkin Valley, what makes Carolina Heritage so special is the fact that the entire place is run off of solar energy. They also are pesticide free. Because of this, they have some of the cleanest tasting wine you will ever find. Another thing I like about Carolina Heritage is that they really did their research. In an area that is believed to only produce dry wine varieties, Carolina Heritage was not afraid to plant some muscadine vines. The result? Some of the sweetest muscadine wine on the East Coast. Along with muscadine grapes, the vineyard also experiments with hybrid grapes as well as a variety fruits such as blueberries and apples, making the most diversive wine list you will find.


3. Rock of Ages Winery

Rock of Ages Winery.jpg

Rock of Ages may not have the views of the North Carolina Mountains but they are on this list because their wines taste amazing. I personally am not a wine drinker and, in fact, I have never found a single red wine that I like but Rock of Ages changes all that. Their wine must be good, right? I think so. They are located on an old tobacco farm in central North Carolina. While it is not your typical vineyard, it makes a beautiful backdrop for a wedding.


4. Lu Mil Vineyard


Like Grassy Creek, Lu Mil Vineyard sets the stage for the perfect weekend getaway. All of their cabins are surrounded by vineyards, offering delightful views from every window. Being a family owned and operated farm for decades, even before it was a vineyard, family is at the foundation of everything they do. They are seriously the most family friendly winery I have ever been to. With events like bridal shows, circuses, and a must see drive through light show, there is something for everyone. They even offer U Pick, which allows children of all ages to come pick their own grapes. In the spirit of offering something for everyone, the tasting room is filled with everything from non-alcoholic slushies to homemade bread and jam. And of course, their wines, which are nothing short of divine.


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