How Does Your Mind Limit You?

How does Your Mind Limit You?

The professor read the answers on the test carefully glaring at the student whom had just handed in his final exam late after the professor had kindly given him an extension.

“I know my test was late professor I just could not put together the answer to the last two problems on the chalkboard. The answers came to me for the first problem on Wednesday and I know it is now Friday and I just figured out the formula for solving the last problem!”

“My boy! Do you know what you have done” The professor responded. The student was hesitant to make a remark for fear he would make the situation worse. His body tensed, his mouth was so dry he could barely make the sound of a whimper.

The professor responded for him ” The questions on the board were optional, before you arrived to class I was telling the students that these two math problems on the board were, until today, unsolved! Even Einstein himself worked until the day he died trying to develop a formula to solve these equations. You Sir have solved them in a week’s time!”

The student was perplexed but overjoyed. You see he was late to the test because he was working his way through college and he had not heard the preframe that the rest of his classmates had about the math equations on the board be impossible to solve. Because the student’s mind thought of the problems as they must be solved, though through much difficulty, the student’s mind figured out a solution.

My point to telling this story is two fold. First off you must understand that this story is true and took place during the 1930s and the Great Depression. Second, this story is the ultimate testament to the idea that our minds are supercomputers. Each and every one of us holds the key to unlocking everything in life we want and need by developing the right frame of mind. Haven’t you ever been in a situation you thought impossible to get out of only to find under the stress of the moment your mind goes in to action and you begin to see the puzzle pieces form a vivid picture of how to overcome your current situation. I know I have built confidence in myself by pushing through many a dire situation and realizing after each seemingly disastrous scenario that I have the inner strength and intelligence to create a better life from the ashes of the first.

In conclusion you have the power to create your dream life. You are the young student whose mind can solve the unsolvable. Anyone you look up, anyone was has done something you think is unbelievably cool, inventions that change the way we live, people that have built the greatest corporations in the world, even the people who founded the America we know and love today, they achieved it not by putting it on a pedestal but by truly believing in a vision and forcing their mind to build a plan of how to get there. Through focus and the determination, really conviction, to achieve the goal or die trying. Anything, I mean anything, is possible.


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