Inspiration of the Day

I read this quote on one of my facebook groups and it go me thinking…

As we grow up in life and get older we lose that naturally curious side inside all of us where we used to do things just because we enjoyed doing them.

I know that I have been guilty of expecting myself to be great at something new right out of the gate. Forgetting that we all had to learn to sit up before we could crawl, crawl before we could walk, and walk before we can now move about and run with ease.

The skills we build in life are not always directly transferable into another area such as if I am great at running a division of a company then I start my own business on the side and I do not have immediate success in my new business so I feel like a failure.

We cannot succeed that way and we are setting the bar to high for ourselves without realizing it

Which in turn mentally creates our on frustrations that make us quit.

As you go throughout your week never stop grinding on your craft and looking forward, but it is good to remember this quote and know that the growth is a process and it is ok to look back sometimes and remind yourself how far you have come so you can feel that victory.

Then take your new found confidence and get right back to grinding on your craft and looking ahead at where you must go to reach your goal!

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