How to Be A Tourist in Your Hometown

Hometowns are a special place. They are where we are from. They are where we grow up. They are where we have made memory after memory. They are the places where we rode our first bikes, made our first friends, had our first kiss, and had our first heartbreaks. They are where we learned how to drive a car, where we cheered at our last Friday night football game and hit our last home run. For some, they are the one place we just can’t wait to leave but for others, they will always hold a special place in our hearts.

But to a tourist, they are totally different. To a tourist it is a new adventure, new history lessons, new parks, new museums, and new faces. They don’t spend Tuesday afternoon hanging out at the same coffee shop on Main for two hours. They don’t go to the same movie theater…again… because “there is nothing else to do”. They do the things that make the city unique.  The things we never think of doing in our own hometowns.

Tourists see a side of our town that we have never seen which is why it can be fun to spend a day, or even a weekend, being a tourist in your own hometown – to see it from a new perspective. But exactly how do you become a tourist in a place that you grew up in? Here are a few tips:

1. Visit  new cafe or market

2. Go kayaking or canoeing on a nearby river

3. Visit a different park – maybe have a picnic

4. Grab a drink at a different bar

5. Walk around a different neighborhood

6. Discover new walking trails

7. Go on random drives

Finding new restaurants, shops, and attractions that you may not know about can be challenging. But no fear! The local tourism board is always there to help. Just visit their website and you will be sure to find something you never knew existed in your hometown. Social media is also a great place to look. And lastly, there is always the opportunity to talk to someone you don’t know and ask advice!





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