8 Tips for Traveling in Snowy Weather

Traveling is fun. Let’s just admit it. The freedom of the wide open road. The new experiences in new places. The people you meet. The fancy hotels. The local cuisine. What could possibly ruin the fun? Enter winter weather. The snow can put a damper on your plans but there is no need to let it ruin them. Here are our best tips for traveling in winter weather:

1. Use a water resistant suitcase


You will thank yourself when you have dry clothes to put on!


2. Be sure to take a water resistant coat, snow boots, gloves, and a hat (basic outerwear)

snow boots

Staying warm and dry is important in cold weather!


3. Pack clothing you can layer


Thin shirts and cardigans or multiple t-shirts. Not sweatshirts.


4. Compress bulky winter clothing by rolling it tightly  & squeezing out excess air


Winter clothes tend to take up a lot of space.


5. Pack lots of lip balm, moisturizers, and lotions to protect skin from the dry winter air

winter skincare

Lip balms will be a life saver!


6. Check your tires before you leave


It’s no fun getting snowed in at the hotel.


7. Be sure to have a blanket in case the car breaks down


Expect the best, prepare for the worst!


8. Pack a winter travel safety kit


You should always carry a travel safety kit with you but for winter travel be sure to add an ice scraper, a blanket, some gloves, and maybe some hand warmers!

If you want to know what goes into your everyday travel safety kit, we’ve got you covered! Find it here.

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