Travel Safety Essentials

Hitting the road and exploring new destinations can give you the most rewarding experiences you could ever imagine but anything can happen on those explorations which is why it is imperative to be prepared for any emergency situation that may arise. One way to do that is by putting together a travel safety kit with all the essentials and always have it with you when you travel. Here are the items that should be in everyone’s travel safety kit:

1. A First Aid Kit

This one is kind of self explanatory. It is always a good idea to have a first aid kit on hand whether you are traveling or not. A typical first aid kit usually contains bandages, gauze, surgical tape, scissors, antiseptic, antibacterial, tweezers, topical creams for bites, stings, and other irritations, aloe vera, and some kind of pain reliever (typically Tylenol).

You can also create your own first aid kit with the bare essentials if you do not want to carry around the bulky box most first aid kits come in.

2. A Flash Light

You probably don’t think of taking a flashlight on vacation, unless you are going camping of course, but it is something that can be very helpful during an unexpected power outage. Or if your car breaks down at night.

3. A Blanket

This item you may or may not think about bringing. Me personally, I always have a blanket because I am always freezing. Not only are they good at keeping you warm in an air conditioned car when you are riding with someone who is always hot but they can really come in handy if you have to stop on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Late nights can get chilly no matter where you are. You will be glad you brought it. Trust me.

4. A Portable Battery Charger

Most of us tend to run our cellphone batteries down pretty quickly. Between Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, the phone just has no chance. Yes, they do make car chargers for your phone but if the car breaks down and the battery is dead, that car charger is going to be pointless.

Portable battery chargers are the best. You can use them for literally anything you can charge via usb, including your iPad or tablet. You can find them on Amazon.

5. Water

You never know when  water can come in handy. You can drink it and clean with it.

6. Dramamine

Or any other motion sickness medication because being on vacation and being sick is no fun.

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