4 Kid Friendly Activities in St. Louis

When you think about St. Louis, you probably don’t think of kids but the city actually has a ton of kid friendly attractions and museums your kids will love.

1. Magic House

Magic House St. Louis

The Magic House is a children’s museum that offers hands on learning experiences in many different areas for kids. The aim of the museum is to spark imagination, pique curiosity, enhance creativity, and develop problem solving skills. They have everything from leggo stations to a children’s village. They even have an oval office where each child can be the president!

2. Saint Louis Zoo

St. Louis Zoo 2

The St. Louis Zoo has a lot to offer kids. Admission is free and they have almost any kind of animal you can think of. It is considered one of the best zoos in the country for research, conservation, and education. They have several events and activities for kids to partake in throughout the year.

3. City Museum

City Musuem St. Louis

When you think of museums, you probably think of exhibits and education of some kind and when you hear the words “City Museum” you probably think of a museum about the city of St. Louis but both of those thoughts would be wrong. The City Museum is basically a big playground and funhouse made out of unique eclectic materials. It was built for kids but it’s big enough for adults to enjoy as well.

4. Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House

Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House

The Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House is more than just a butterfly house. Yes, kids will love walking around the conservatory while being surrounded by several different kinds of butterflies, but the butterfly house also offers an exhibit hall leading up to the butterfly conservatory with live insects that kids can see up close and learn about. In addition, they have an outdoor native butterfly garden to enjoy on days when the weather is nice.

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