A Visit to the Amish Country

It’s no doubt the Amish Country is one of the most unique areas in the country. Located in parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, it’s a place like no other. It’s a different way of life out there.

The Amish is the most conservative segment of the Anabaptist movement. They believe the Bible teaches a life of simplicity and a distinct separation between the church and the world. Because of this, the Amish have refrained from accepting technology and other modern amenities such as automobiles and electricity. They believe the lifestyle these things represent tends to break down the family structure and the simple life that is so important to them. This way of life seems old-fashioned and out dated to you and me but to them, there is no other way to live.

Amish Country 4

It’s easy to assume this is what visitors will experience during a trip to the Amish Country, and to most, it doesn’t sound appealing. Trust me. I know. I felt the same way before I took a trip up there. Other than sharing the road with horses and buggies, unless you are actually on a real working Amish farm, it’s pretty normal. They have hotels with modern amenities, electricity, and even cell service so you don’t really have to experience life as the world knew it in the 1700’s.

One of the best parts of the Amish Country is the shops that sell Amish goods such as food, quilts, furniture, and other handcrafted goods. Their products are known as some of the best out there.

Amish Country 3

There are plenty of other things to do in the Amish Country as well such as take a hot air balloon ride, which is my personal recommendation. The Amish tend to keep to themselves so chances of you seeing a real working Amish Farm and interacting with them is slim to none. With a hot air balloon ride, you get that chance. As you glide through the air, beneath you are breathtaking views of the whole area.

Amish Country 2

The best part of a hot air balloon ride, according to the guide who took me up, is that you never know where the balloon will land. If you are lucky like I was, you could land in the middle of an Amish farm and get an up close glimpse. And you are really lucky, the family that owns the farm will come help you land. This was my experience and they were the most delightful individuals, especially the children.


In addition to the hot air balloon ride, riding on the Strasburg Railroad is also a great idea. You get to see the Amish country side up close while riding on an authentic steam engine train. And if you are feeling really adventurous, Hershey, Pennsylvania makes a great day trip! The whole town smells like chocolate and Hershey Chocolate world is amazing. You can even create your own candy bar!

Hershey Chocolate World

Regardless of what you decide to do in the Amish Country, I guarantee you it will be one of the best places you will ever visit.

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