Top 3 Lunch Spots in Virginia Beach

1. Big Sams

Big Sams

Big Sam’s is a local favorite located right on Rudee Inlet next to the Virginia Beach Fishing Center. It is perfect for a casual, delightful breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They specialize in seafood, breakfast specials, happy hour specials and appetizers.

2. Margie & Ray’s

Margie and Rays

Margie & Ray’s was established in 1964 as a small country store and tackle shop owned and operated by Ray and Margie Blanton. The landmark building located on a dirt road, now known as Sandbridge Road, served as a convenience for local Sandbridge residents. The store was passed on to their son Thomas in 1997, when it was renovated into a small seafood restaurant. Over the past several years, Margie and Ray’s, which continues to be operated by Thomas Blanton, has become known as one of the top seafood dives in the region.

3. Bubba’s Seafood & Crab House

Bubba's Seafood and Crab House

Bubba’s Seafood Restaurant & Crabhouse was one of the first seafood restaurants in Virginia Beach and it has a long-standing history of delivering fresh and succulent seafood dishes. Bubba’s Marina is an institution on Shore Drive, with its open porch overlooking the Lynnhaven Inlet. This is one lunchtime view you won’t want to miss!


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