5 Things to Do in Asheville

1. Tour the Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate 2

No list of things to do in Asheville would be complete without the Biltmore Estate. It is America’s largest private residence and it is open for tours. The estate is complete with gardens, a winery, a tavern, a creamery, live entertainment, outdoor activities, shopping, and even places to stay. Right across the street is the Biltmore Villages with even more shopping options.

2. Tour the French Broad Chocolate Factory

French Broad Chocolate Factory

If you love chocolate, there is nothing more enchanting than the aroma of chocolate that surrounds you at a chocolate factory. All of the chocolate at the French Broad Chocolate Factory is crafted from scratch and made bean to bar. The process is really interesting to see. After your tour, you can head over to their lounge and buy all the chocolate you want.

3. Visit the Western North Carolina Nature Center

western-north-carolina nature center

The Western North Carolina Nature Center is great because it’s not like your typical zoo. In fact, it’s not a zoo at all. Rather than the usual, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and tigers that you would normally see at a zoo, the Western North Carolina Nature Center features animals you would find in the wild in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. You’ll see animals such as wolves, cougars, bobcats, otters, and black bears just to name a few. Their focus is on conservation and education and every dollar you spend goes right back into those efforts.

4. Take a Tour of Sierra Nevada Brewery


If you are a fan of beer, you will quite enjoy this. Asheville, NC is home to their East Coast operations and touring their brewery gives you the opportunity to go behind the scenes of a major brewery.

5. Shopping at the Grove Arcade


The Grove Arcade if full of eclectic shops and restaurants but the coolest thing at the grove arcade is the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar. What could be better than skimming through books while sipping champagne?



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