Toasted Ravioli

Ravioli is an Italian pasta dish enjoyed by Americans all over the country. As for us, Robby and I love ravioli, especially cheese ravioli. While you can find the dish practically anywhere, no one does it like St. Louis.

What makes their’s so special? I’m glad you asked! St. Louis puts their own twist on it by toasting it. Sounds interesting, right? Toasted ravioli is nothing more than ravioli that is covered with bread crumbs, deep fried (Yes, fried. I know. Deceptive, right?), sprinkled with parmesan, and served with marinara dipping sauce but the taste is everything. It is served as an appetizer at restaurants throughout St. Louis. We first tried it at the Budweiser Brew House at Ballpark Village. Two bites in, we were hooked. The crispness of the pasta mixed with just the right amount of marinara sauce made for the perfect afternoon snack.

Toasted ravioli is unique to St. Louis because it originated there. According to some of the locals, it dates back to the 1940’s when a chef accidentally dropped a ravioli onto a fryer and upon pulling it out, his wife sprinkled parmesean on it to try and salvage it. Accident or not, we definitely thank the chef!

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