What’s Not To Love About Alpacas?

If you’ve ever wanted an animal that you can curl up with, an alpaca would be it. I mean, come on. Have you seen an alpaca? They are one of the softest, sweetest, most gentile animals out there. Not to mention they are so darn cute.

Alpacas come from South America and are members of the camel family. They look a lot like llamas, which they should because alpacas and llamas are cousins. There are no known wild alpacas in the world; they are all domesticated which makes them safe to be around. They don’t bite or butt and they have no hooves or nails and are wonderful with children. Alpacas originated in the Andes Mountains and their fleece was once cherished by members of the Incan Civilization. They called it “The Fiber of the Gods”.

Island Alpaca in Martha’s Vineyard gives everyone the opportunity to experience these animals for themselves. And if you happen to fall in love with one, they’ll let you keep it…for a small fee.


Island Alpaca focuses on breeding Alpaca for the highest quality fleece, which comes in handy considering the island gets quite cold. You can actually buy items such as blankets, socks, and jackets among other items made of fleece from their alpacas. They are so unbelievably warm.

The farm is quite educational. Whether you want to know about the alpaca themselves or their history, the staff there can answer any question you could think of. And no, they won’t laugh at you if you don’t know the difference is an alpaca and a llama.

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