Horseback Riding in the Yadkin Valley

We all love horses. There is something majestic about them. Maybe it’s how big and bold they are. Maybe it’s the way they look standing in a pasture with the sun shining on their skin as their mane blows in the wind. Or maybe it’s the way they look right at you with their big black eyes as if they were looking straight through your soul.

Of course for some people, aka me, that’s how you feel while admiring them from a distance. I know there are several of you out there who are just like me and tend to get a little anxious when these majestic creatures get close enough to touch because let’s be honest…horses are really big. The experience of horseback riding in the Yadkin Valley is well worth facing your fear of horses.

Bregman's Trail Riding

We went out with Bregman’s Trail Riding in Pilot Mountain. They are great! And you don’t have to be an experienced rider to go out with them. All of their horses are beginner safe. They will also give you a short lesson before heading out.

The Yadkin Valley is the perfect place for horseback riding because the scenery is amazing. You can ride horses anywhere but I think it is way better riding up and down hills surrounded by bright green trees, colorful wildflowers swaying with the breeze, listening to the buzzing of bees and the echos of birds, deer, and elk along with the rushing waters of a nearby stream all while adoring spectacular views of the mountains in the distance. It is especially nice in the spring when the weather is just right.

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