A Simple Valentine’s Day Road Trip

Valentine’s Day only comes once a year and it’s a time to show that special someone how much you care. A weekend getaway is the perfect way to accomplish this. If you are running low on time or money, however, our simple 9 turn coin toss adventure does the trick. It is budget friendly and can be done in one night. You can use any number you want but we recommend 9. All you do is take a coin and toss it whenever you come to a stop, whether it is a stop sign or a stoplight for 9 turns. Which ever side the coin lands on is the way you turn, left or right, depending on which way you dedicate each side of the coin. Straight is not an option so stay off highways, plus highways have no stops. Once you have made your final turn, wherever you are, find the first restaurant and have dinner. We did this last year for Valentine’s and had a great adventure. We did 12 turns instead of 9 and ended up taking a two hour back roads drive just to end up somewhere 45 minutes away…of course we got put on a road that goes through 4 towns with no stop lights or stop signs. It’s a great way to learn about the cities that surround you, or even your own city. It really made for a Valentine’s Day to Remember and you will love it as well.

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