4 Things You Must Do in North Carolina

1. Snowboarding in Boone

Snowboarding in Boone

There is nothing quite like the thrill of snowboarding and there is nowhere quite like the North Carolina Mountains to enjoy it. Boone is considered by many to be the skiing and snowboarding capital of the South and just stepping inside one of Boone’s three ski resorts will show you why.

2. Fishing and Hunting on an Island at the Outer Banks

Hunting on the Outer Banks 2

Whether it is Ocracoke, Corolla, or Manteo, there are many great places to fish or hunt on the Outer Banks. From the banks of the river to deep sea fishing and from bird hunting to rabbit hunting, the options are endless.

3. Rent a Cottage and Spend A Week in a Coastal Town Like Bath

Historic Bath

Coastal towns are full of charm. They are often historic and quaint. They are a quiet place to relax and walk around while enjoying the salty air with your friends and family.

4. Tour the Great Variety of Wineries in NC

NC Wineries

The Wine Industry is fairly new to North Carolina but it has been a perfect place for winemakers forever. North Carolina is home to the oldest cultivated grapevine in America and is the only place in the world where every major type of grape is grown.

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